What makes Harvester different?

Harvester Technical College offers an innovative approach to vocational and technical education in senior secondary schools- the program is more focused, more effective, and more relevant to the world in which young Australians will shape their futures.

This innovative pathway to a trade career has been made possible by key partnerships across the industry, government and education sectors. We work closely with Australian Industry and the leading tertiary institutes of vocational and technical education.

Our partners are proud to be involved in such an exciting initiative. They have provided expertise and direction. Our students can only benefit from their commitment to providing better learning and career opportunities. All recognise the opportunity provided by the Harvester Technical College to establish specialised vocational education as an important and desirable option for senior secondary students.

What is Harvester Technical College?

Harvester Technical College is a college which delivers, more effectively and in a more focused way, a Senior Secondary program integrated with strong pre-vocational pathways into a trade! We are here to provide high quality work ready graduates ready to take up employment opportunities in their chosen trade area.

Harvester recognises that for many young people the traditional classroom does not provide enough engagement and satisfaction. Our programs address this by blending traditional academic programs with practical and applied learning directly related to student career aspirations in the trade areas.

This focus on real world learning and a clear career path builds student self-confidence and personal satisfaction, and ensures that students are ready for the world of work. With world class facilities, a specialised technical focus, and strong partnerships with industry and further education, we offer the best for students aspiring to careers in the industries which drive the Australian economy.

Structured Workplace Learning

The College has a strong commitment to Structured Workplace Learning (SWL). The students are required to complete two by two week blocks with an approved employer in their industry area of choice. Placements are mapping directly to Learning Outcomes in both VCAL and VET programs and are a compulsory part of the College curriculum.

Support for Our Students

At Harvester we are committed to fully supporting students at all times. Each student will have a Managed Individual Pathway Plan (MIPS) which will monitor their progress and provide support in all aspects of their study and work program. Students will work closely not only with teachers, but also have the opportunity through the College Repair Shop to seek additional support with their program content.

College Fees

Harvester Technical College is a government school and fees are kept to a minimum. There are additional TAFE training fees which are not set by us. They vary according to the particular industry training undertaken by students. For a full list of fees and charges please contact the college administration.