Cathy Freeman Inspires Leaders of Tomorrow

Nominated year 12 Harvester Technical College students were invited to attend the inaugural VIP School and  Community Leadership Summit hosted by the Cathy Freeman Foundation on April 28, 2016.

Students from a range of schools around Victoria congregated to participate in a workshop aimed at enlightening young Australian leaders about life in remote Indigenous communities and ways equity and access can be improved.

Fast Track students- Shani Kenny and Courtney Brooking proudly represented Harvester Technical College and participated in a discussion of the range of ways young leaders can work closely with 1600 Indigenous children to improve educational opportunities across Australia. As part of a pilot program launched in schools in 2016, the summit provided inspiration for making change a reality for all young Australians.

With strong emphasis placed on the achievements the Cathy Freeman Foundation has already made, the summit was a powerful   reminder that as a collective we can all make a difference.  Thank you to Cathy Freeman & Carey Baptist Grammar School for the priceless opportunity to  attend such an inspiring event. We look forward to collaborating in the future and assisting the Cathy Freeman Foundation by hosting a number of fundraisers.

Many thanks to all the Cathy Freeman Foundation staff.

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