Certificate II in Engineering Studies

Harvester’s Engineering program boasts state-of-the-art technology and equipment enabling students access to both world class teaching and world class facilities.

The objective of this course is to provide pre-employment training and pathways in the engineering, manufacturing or related industries and accommodate entry into the wider engineering industry.

A graduate of this course may undertake a work-based apprenticeship, traineeship or cadetship leading into a range of careers as a tradesperson; enrol into Certificate III qualifications in the engineering sectors gain entry level employment in engineering or further studies.

Note: Students wishing to receive an ATAR score for this subject must undertake scored assessment.

Overview: The 22209VIC Certificate II in Engineering Studies consists of 14 units of competency totally 410 nominal hours. Units are delivered individually and sequentially with each UOC having an attached project (practical and / or of a theoretical nature) that helps to consolidate student’s knowledge and skills. The program is divided into 2 sections and is taught across the 4 VCE units. Delivery methods consist of face to face teaching incorporated with an exposition teaching strategy style (lecture – demonstrate).

Pathways: This course may be used as a pathway into a range of qualifications in manufacturing or related industries. Examples include:

  • MEM30105 Certificate III in Engineering – Production Systems
  • MEM30205 Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade
  • MEM30305 Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade
  • MEM30405 Certificate III in Engineering – Electrical / Electronics Trade
  • MEM30605 Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture
  • MEM30705 Certificate III in Marine Craft Construction
  • MEM30805 Certificate III in Locksmithing
  • MEM31010 Certificate III in Watch and Clock Service and Repair
  • MEM31112 Certificate III in Engineering – Composites Trade
  • MSA30208 Certificate III in Manufacturing Technology
  • MSA31108 Certificate III in Competitive Manufacturing
  • MSA30107 Certificate III in Process Manufacturing
Subject name Code Unit Title Core / Specific Hours Nominal
Unit 1 MEM13014A Apply principles of Occupational Health and Safety in a work environment Core 10hrs
MEM16006A Organise and communicate information Core 20hrs
MEM16008A Interact with computing technology Core 20hrs
MEM18001C Use hand tools Core 20hrs
Unit 2 MEM18002B Use power tools / hand held operations Core 20hrs
VU20909 Develop an individual career plan for the engineering industry Core 20hrs
VU20912 Perform basic machining processes Specific 40hrs
VU20916 Create engineering drawings using computer aided systems Specific 60hrs
Unit 3 MEM12024A Perform computations Core 30hrs
MSAENV272B Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices Core 30hrs
VU20910 Produce basic engineering sketches and drawings Core 20hrs
Unit 4 VU20911 Handle engineering materials Core 20hrs
MSS402040A Apply 5S procedures Core 40hrs
VU20903 Produce basic engineering components and products using fabrication or machining Specific 60hrs