Farewell to the Fast-Track students of 2017

As the accelerated Fast Track program comes to an end, Harvester Technical College would like to wish the graduating year 12’s the best of luck in their pursuit of successful and rewarding careers.

It isn’t an easy task completing 12 months of work in just 6 months, but this year’s students really raised the bar in terms of the quality of work and the standards they set. Having completed units in ‘Community Coaching’; units in ‘Learning Styles’ and ‘Work Priorities’ for Skills for Further Study as well as completing very detailed Literacy folios that encompassed myriad analytical thinking tasks and opinion based writing tasks. The Fast Track students this year demonstrated a clear willingness to succeed, and their performances truly reflected this.

As students prepared their final major assessments in public speaking, they were expected to deliver a 15 minute formal oral presentation to their peers. Although students were initially apprehensive and truly believed this task was too challenging for them, they ultimately delivered on the project. They were poised, well spoken and dedicated to getting the job done and the College staff members who attended the day had nothing but praise to offer at the closing of the event. Congratulations to all the Fast Track students who made it the end, your commitment shows future Fast Track students exactly what can be achieved in VCAL.