Fast Trackers Present with Pride

Fast Track students of 2016 recently delivered their 15 minute oral presentations for their subject: Skills for Further Study. The project required students to design, develop and deliver a  detailed and in-depth  audio visual presentation showcasing their life experiences and schooling journeys. As students found themselves challenged by the enormity of the task, they ultimately delivered a range of highly sophisticated and insightful oral presentations. Well done to those who dressed formally and demonstrated a high  level of maturity  throughout their talks. With July marking the end of the Fast Trackers’ journey here at Harvester, the college is excited to see what the next step is for students moving into new careers and fields of study. Congratulations to those who have already landed apprenticeships– Nathan Dent, Courtney Brooks and Jackson Roberts. And all the best to those embarking on their next adventure!

Kayden Kronk Jackson Roberts Daniella CvetkovicCourtney Brooking