Numeracy Students Visit IKEA

This month saw the entire Tech-10 Numeracy cohort visited IKEA in Richmond for a Living Room Design Project. The project is designed to test the students’ ability to comply with budgets, test their spatial reasoning, apply skills of design and measurement and perform calculations relative to rates and ratios. Whilst at IKEA the students were asked to record the cost of a series of different pieces of furniture and also measure and record their dimensions. Students have been asked to pick the best of each category making sure they comply with their strict budget of $8000 and room dimensions of 5m x 6m. While at IKEA we made sure to detour past the cafeteria to try their infamous Swedish Meatballs. The students did a fantastic job of finding what they needed in the store and completing the research components of their projects, as well as becoming more familiar with vocabulary required for explaining conceptual designs of different aspects of furniture and furniture design.