Shrine of Remembrance Field Trip

All students visited the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance on Monday 24th April to participate in the iRemember program. After a short walk around the shrine, students were given a guided tour that included parts of museum, a visit to the crypt, a mock service conducted in the sanctuary and an opportunity to enjoy the magnificent view of Melbourne from the balcony. The mock service in the sanctuary was particularly moving as it included a demonstration of the light passing over the stone of remembrance while the Last Post sounded. After lunch, students proceeded to the Melbourne Art Centre where they used Movie Studio Platinum software to produce a short movie about the ANZAC soldiers experience during the Great War. This part of the program was particularly important as it allowed students to build ICT skills that will be used later in the year. In all, a pleasant day in the city that provided students with a first-hand experience for areas of study they have been exploring during Term 1.