Student Representative Council Launches Harvester Students into Leadership Roles

Harvester Technical College recently announced the inception of a Student Representative Council. With a strong emphasis on student voice, the SRC is largely run by exemplary students from each year level who attend regular meetings to address a wide range of issues and current school policies with the hope of improving all aspects of the College. As the year progresses, we are seeing many students rise to the challenge and deliver some outstanding leadership incentives. With lunch time activities on the horizon, a new and revised Harvester uniform in the pipeline and countless student-lead showcase events showing what we do at Harvester on the agenda, 2017 looks like an exciting year for the SRC!

2017 Student Representative Council

Robert Young Carpentry 1
Mitchell Green Carpentry 2
Temarama Marster Carpentry 2
Zach Truong Carpentry 2
Jerry Andemariam Electro-technology
Shane Garwood Electro-technology
Julian Kiriakidis Engineering
Matthew Portelli Foundation 1
Anthony Moretto Foundation 1
Bailey Korteman Foundation 2
Nicolas O’Brien Foundation 2
Mark Johnson Foundation 3
Mariah Galea Foundation 3
Kody Johnston Fast Track
Jarryd Otterbach Fast Track
Alexander Zissimou Fast Track
Matthew McGlade Plumbing
Benjamin Walton-Garrod Plumbing