World Plumbing Day Shines Light on Australia’s Talented Plumbers

Harvester Plumbing students attended the 2018 World Plumbing Day at PICAC (Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre in Brunswick). The event itself celebrated the skills of plumbers world wide paying particular attention to the precarious nature of water supplies globally. Cape Town has been recognised as the world’s first capital city to run out of water on April 16th highlighting the urgent need for sustainable practices to take centre stage in the world of Plumbing.

Guest speakers– Hon James Merlino, Australia’s Minister for Education; Susan Eddy, CEO of VBA; Aidan Ward, a leader of Community Plumbing Challenges in Indonesian Schools as well as Mark Watt, co-founder of Whitelion all presented some insightful points to the crowd on the day. Students from Harvester showed exceptional maturity and manners at the World Plumbing Day expo and are highly commended for their efforts on the day. Perhaps one of the most exciting highlights of the day was watching apprentice
plumbers compete in the ‘World Skills Contest’ whereby the most outstanding plumbers will be selected to win a trip to the USA to compete. Overall, the day was a great success
and Harvester was proud to attend such a poignant event. A special thank you to Peter Roberts & Kerrie McKay our Plumbing Team Leader & VET Coordinator respectively.