Fees & Charges

Here at Harvester Technical College we are absolutely committed to providing the highest quality educational opportunities for our students, and the achievements of our students clearly indicate that we are successful.

It is necessary to charge some fees to make it possible to supplement the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) resources provided to operate programs at Harvester Technical College. The amount charged to families assists in covering the high material and consumable costs of delivering our practical programs.

Expensive materials and services are provided directly by the College and paid for through ‘Fees and Charges’. We do this because these services and materials would otherwise have to be provided by parents at significantly greater cost. We aim to keep these costs as low as possible, even in these times of funding cuts, by subsidising student’s costs through other streams of funding to the College.

These charges include but are not limited to the following:

  • Student ID Card
  • Provision of photocopied resources in lieu of students purchasing additional text books
  • Access to the computer network outside of normal classes
  • Credit towards personal downloading costs relating to internet use
  • Provision of Personal References
  • Credit towards the cost of printing from Computer Network using the Print Charger System
  • Payment of VTAC course selection costs
  • Programs provided by outside specialists (guest speakers, visits to Tertiary Institutions, Study lectures etc).

Stationary List

This item is compulsory and is purchased through the college office. They are compulsory materials used by students throughout the school year. It should be sufficient for the year. However, if students use or lose items, parents will be responsible for their replacements. Students will also be required to have a set of earmuffs and safety glasses for hygiene reasons.

Uniform / Specialist Equipment

All students are required to have a full school uniform and it must be worn at all times, to and from school.

This uniform is also designed to protect students when working in the practical workshop areas. Also, students participating in specialist areas may be required to purchase additional tools or equipment for their use.


All students are required to purchase a laptop as prescribed or provide one of their own. These laptops will work within the College IT Networks and provide the student with the resources to complete classroom work and assessment tasks. Only those laptops purchased through the College will be supported by our maintenance and warranty program.


Materials Charges are payable to the College on enrolment or after receipt of an invoice.