School Sports Victoria

Harvester Technical College is involved with School Sports Victoria and compete against approximately ten other schools from the Western District. We have competitive and talented students who have performed extremely well when competing against other schools, often with a much bigger student pool to choose from.

We have built a strong relationship with the Melbourne Rebels and Melbourne Storm Rugby Clubs who assist in training the students prior to a Rugby Union or Rugby League carnival.

Students often train for upcoming sports during their lunch breaks and we have had some success with the Senior Basketball Team going through to the next round and we are getting very close to winning our Division in a number of other sports. With a huge range of sports to choose from, from the skill and precision of Table Tennis to the crash and bash of Rugby Union, there is sure to be a sport for you to try out for.

Sport & Health

At Harvester Technical College, all staff value the importance of physical activity and the enormous benefits associated with being both fit and healthy. All students, in their structured timetables, have a Sport & Health lesson once a week where they are expected to participate in a range of sports, from traditional sports such as Australian Rules Football and Soccer through to the not so traditional sports such as Ultimate Frisbee and Tree Surfing.

Whilst the emphasis is to encourage students to move and to participate practically in all sports, students are also required to complete a theory based component of the subject. The theory component will comprise of the following:

At the Tech Ten level, all students will learn about nutrition. At Intermediate level, students will look at the musculoskeletal system; and at Senior level, students will look at social skills and what drug abuse and alcohol consumption can do both on the human body and the effects it has on society.

At each of the levels, topics such as personal hygiene and the sexually transmitted diseases will also be covered.

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