Structured Workplace Learning

From the moment students commence at Harvester Technical College, their career pathway planning commences.

Students at Foundation level are encouraged to participate in all the trades that are offered at the College to develop an understanding of what the trade is as well as ensuring that they are capable of meeting the demands of their chosen career path. Commencing at Foundation level and continuing to Senior level all students are required to participate in Structured Workplace Learning.

Structured Workplace Learning is a compulsory part of our students curriculum. All of our students undertake two weeks of work placement per semester working with an employer in their chosen trade. Planning commences in the classroom where students are assisted to work on their communication skills before calling potential employers. Staff visit students in the workplace to ensure they are in a safe working environment as well as finding the experience worthwhile.

Whilst out on work placement students are required to complete a number of assessments tasks such as keeping a journal of daily tasks and taking photographs of their workplace and any tasks they were involved in completing. On return to the classroom students complete tasks that reflect on their experiences and what skills they learnt at school that they were able to transfer into the field.

Feedback from the students tells us that these experiences positive or negative have assisted them in their future career planning. Students gain a better understanding of what is expected of them in a workplace environment and can see the connection between real life context and school based learning.