The Electrotechnology department was designed to house both workshop and classroom all under one roof in a large 2200m² open planned area. The delivery of the Electrotechnology program commenced at Harvester in 2014.

The workshop has been equipped with many high end features such as Ergonomically designed workbenches and state of the art soldering benches with 16 Weller soldering stations, and fume extraction. The facility boasts an extensive range of hand tools commonly used in industry. The students will get hands on experience with the use of IR&C testers, Test and Tag testers, digital and analogue multimeters, and oscilloscopes.

The students get simulated wiring experience of electrical circuits in a domestic setting, incorporating full size house frames, conduit threading and bending. In addition, students produce a 230volt to 12 volt 5 amp DC battery charger requiring them to wind their own transformer and fabricate their own housing from sheet metal. This will be test and tagged at the end of their project.

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