Harvester’s Plumbing program is an innovative and rich course designed to give students the fundamental skills and knowledge required to enter the Plumbing industry.


The plumbing program is new to Harvester College in 2015 and it will be taught onsite out of our large brand new workshop. The plumbing workshop resides in the centre of the building and it forms an integral hub for our entire trade training centre. Plumbing utilises many skills from a wide range of trade areas.

Some of these skills include sheet metal work, gas flame and electric welding, basic carpentry, and formwork skills. Students learn everything from using simple hand tools to operating much larger power tools commonly used on a building site.

Certificate II plumbing students partake in many simulated plumbing exercises throughout the year. These range in activities such as pipes, fittings & fixtures, roofing, levelling, guttering & downpipes, formwork and even concreting. Students will develop an understanding of basic plumbing terminology and enhance their employability skills.

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