VCAL Programs

The Harvester VCAL Model

Harvester Technical College has developed an innovative model for all levels of VCAL – Foundation, Intermediate or Senior – which are fully integrated into one of the specialist VET (vocational education and training) programs offered through the College.

  • Year 10 (Foundation): The Year 10 is designed to provide an introduction to applied learning and integrated projects. Learning and assessment activities involve a balance of core skills development and ‘trade taster’ electives. Each student will complete 2 x 2 week block of Work Experience during their Foundation year.
  • Year 11 (Intermediate): The Year 11 program is designed to build on applied learning skills and to focus on developing learning pathways towards work and further study. Learning and assessment activities involve completion of Intermediate VCAL units through practical projects. Each student will participate in a pre-apprenticeship qualification in their trade area of choice. Depending upon their selection this qualification may be completed in 1 or 2 years. Students will complete 2 x 2 week blocks of Structured Workplace Learning within their industry of choice.
  • Year 12 (Senior): The Year 12 Program is designed to consolidate applied learning skills and finalise their preparation for the world of work and further study. Learning and assessment activities involve completion of Senior VCAL units through practical projects. Each student will complete a pre-apprenticeship qualification in their trade area of choice. Students will complete 2 x 2 week blocks of Structured Workplace Learning within their industry of choice.

The Integrated VCAL/VET Model at HTC

Harvester Technical College has developed an innovative curriculum model which fully integrates the Intermediate and Senior levels of VCAL with a pre-apprenticeship VET certificate in a range of trade areas. In addition, a similar model has also been developed for VET /VCAL programs in selected non-trade areas.

The key feature of this engaging practical model is that students are able to achieve both a Senior Secondary qualification (VCAL) and a pre-apprenticeship or other VET qualification as part of the same learning activities. In each industry area, all learning and assessment tasks are designed to maximise the industry themed projects.

The essential feature of the model is the ability to achieve both VET and VCAL outcomes through participation in real world work projects. These projects, often commissioned by cooperation with local industry, community and Service Clubs groups, are supervised by qualified staff who are qualified in both education and their trade area.

For all integrated programs, outcomes are met through practical projects either on site at HTC as well as through blocks of Structured Workplace Learning with suitably qualified employers in the industry. secondary certificate for students in years 11 and 12 (or equivalent) which provides learning through practical experience.

Career Pathways

Harvester’s curriculum provides you with a relevant career path, combining the three learning strands: secondary college, VET and the workplace. You explore career options and gain work experience in a range of settings.

All students develop Individual Learning Plans and explore pathways and transition options into either higher level courses or apprenticeships, or work in your chosen area of study.